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Romancing the Texas Panhandle: An Affair to Remember written by Mariwyn Webb

The Panhandle Tourism Marketing Council (PTMC) is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of a new volume in the story of Texas, Romancing the Texas Panhandle: An Affair to Remember. To commemorate the beauty of the land and as an exciting, unique fund-raiser for the PTMC, this stunning volume features the rich and colorful scenery of an area once considered useless and the last frontier to be settled, known as the Texas Panhandle. Travel through the pages along famed Route 66 and become a part of the Texas Panhandle.


The twenty-six counties in the top of Texas come alive in photos as the reader travels back thousands of years and then returns to the present through tales of ancient Indian cultures, wooly mammoths, Indian Wars, early railroads, Col. Goodnight, ranching, oil exploration and today’s tourism. This pictorial book tells of the numerous places to see and things to do throughout the Panhandle. Three hundred beautiful photographs highlight the natural beauty of this vast land and the proud, progressive people who call it home. This commemorative volume is a wonderful gift, family heritage piece and a treasured keepsake for all.


Romancing the Texas Panhandle: An Affair to Remember is published by The Donning Company Publishers of Virginia Beach, Virginia, the largest specialty pictorial history publisher in the United States. This publication becomes the newest book in Donning’s “Portrait of America” series.


Book Specifications:
8 1/2” x 11”, hardcover, limited edition, 192 pages and 300 photographs.

Panhandle Activities and Attractions for all Ages and Interests

The Texas panhandle is both unendingly flat and astonishingly varied. Travel across the High Plains of the “world’s flattest mountain” to the spectacular Palo Duro canyon. Meet the ruggedly independent people with the gentle spirit of helping others who live in this vast land. Learn More.

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